Magento Disable Extension Manually

April 15, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

disabling a magento extensionThis is a quick follow-up to my previous post.  I didn’t want to stack them together so as to avoid confusion.  However, if you’ve installed a plugin that you need to disable quickly you can follow these easy steps.

1.  FTP into your magento installation.

2.  Locate the folder /app/etc/modules

3.  Within that folder will be a list of .xml files that pertain to all of your extensions, within this folder locate the plugin (usually by name), then name may be prefixed with Mage_{extension_name}.

4. Once the proper .xml files is located, simply download the file to your PC, then using your favorite file editor open the file and change this part:
—  to —


5.  Save the file and FTP it back into the /app/etc/modules folder on your magento installation.
This method only disables the plugin.  If the plugin compromised your store, then once you make this change your store should be back online.  I always recommend cleaning up the clutter, so if the plugin is definitely not something that you ever want back active on your magento store again, then go through all of the files for the plugin that you manually uploaded and remove them from your magento directories.

The manual method is a bit more complicated that just using the Magento Connect Manager for accessing your extensions and also a little harder to cleanup.

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